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Smartify HealthTM  is at the forefront of a new approach to healthcare, one that integrates advanced technologies to the way care is provided in the near future. This initiative, called Centre of Excellence, is undertaken by Smartify HealthTM in partnership with MGM hospital, Aurangabad, which is a premier medical college in the country, and represents some of the brightest minds in the medical & engineering field today.

About Us Vision


  • To make the living of every human being an enjoyable experience with the help of assistive technologies
About Us Vision


  • To collaborate with experts in healthcare & technology
  • To build a community of think tanks of faculty & students of engineering and medical practice
  • Create a platform for ongoing research on technology
  • To design commercially viable products that improve healthcare experience


Healthcare Technology  Innovations

Healthcare Technology Innovations

There is a need to explore healthcare from a technological viewpoint. With CoE, we are creating a culture of innovation, and the approach is to encourage utilization of technological opportunities that can significantly impact healthcare, both for patients, as well as care providers.

Strategy For Healthcare Technology Innovations
  • Design programs for sharing of innovative ideas for improvingcare delivery
  • Workshops for medical practitioners to throw challenges totechnocrats for research on alternate methods of treatment
  • Provide a platform for beta test acceptance
  • Conduct indepth surveys to validate product design & usability for Preventive care, Therapeutic care, Rehab care

Future Technologies

Future Technologies

In the past few years, various advancements and innovations have taken place in technology. IoT and AI have been the buzz words for some time but the awareness is yet to spread far beyond the present state. Also as these technologies are evloving, they would be more and more mature with focused research and development of POC solutions. At CoE, the focus is on exploring emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) that have great potential to positively impact millions of lives and encouraging students and researchers to explore the possibilities. Our goal is to ensure that there is mentored research in these fields to get people to achieve the exciting possibilities of technology in healthcare.

Strategy For Future Technologies
  • A platform for ongoing research on technology
  • Encourage students to build proof of concept (POC) from research work
  • Champions to ensure continuity


MGM (Mahatma Gandhi Mission) holds the vision of ensuring sustainable human development which encourages self-reliant and self-content socienty as well as promoting activities related to community services, social welfare, Indian heritage and culture.

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Smartify Healthâ„¢ delivers the latest technological innovations to healthcare & brings together the symbiotic benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) into healthcare services.

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